Understanding Orama

Orama Cloud Indexes

An Orama index is essentially a collection of Orama documents that share the following properties:

  • Schema
    All documents in a given index must follow the same schema.
  • Language
    Every index is associated with a language. This is used to determine the language of the documents in the index and to apply language-specific analyzers at index time and at search time.
  • Components
    A component is a building block of an index. An example of component can be a tokenizer, stemmer, or a collection of stop-words.

Depending on your subscription, you may have more or less limitations when it comes to indexes. ,,

SubscriptionMax. IndexesMax. DocumentsMax. SizeMax. data size in aggregate
FreeUnlimited10,00010 MB100 GB

Regardless of your subscription, you can create as many indexes as you want, as long as they don't exceed the maximum data size in aggregate.

By maximum data size in aggregate, we mean the sum of the sizes of all the documents in all the indexes you have created.

Index Types

Orama Cloud integrates natively with different data sources.

Every native integration between Orama Cloud and an external data source will lead to a highly optimized index, where the main purpose is to provide a fast and reliable search experience, with minimal configuration.

Native Integrations

Orama Cloud integrates natively with many different data sources, including:

  • Shopify
  • Docusaurus
  • Strapi (coming soon)
  • Contentful (coming soon)
  • Storyblok (coming soon)

And many more to come.

Custom Integrations

You can always create a custom integration with your own data source. Orama Cloud currently supports the following data sources:

    You can index data from a REST API. Orama Cloud will periodically fetch the data from the API and index it.
  • WebHooks
    You can index data from a WebHook. Orama Cloud will index the data every time the WebHook is triggered.
  • JSON File
    You can upload a JSON file to Orama Cloud, and it will be indexed automatically.
  • CSV File
    You can upload a CSV file to Orama Cloud, and it will be indexed automatically.